Meet James Joseph, Designer


James Joseph, Owner of Sharp Presents

Certified gift designer and owner of Sharp Presents, James Joseph has over 19 years of experience.  

James launched his first gift basket company in Brighton, Michigan in 2000 before starting a family, closing it in 2005, months before his first child was born.  He now has a storefront in Queensbury and offers full gifting services including components, drop shipping, design, local delivery and anything else you may need.

As a gifting designer and business owner, he’s worked with gourmet makers, micro-breweries, and wineries to help them design a variety of programs and services to enhance their most prized possession, may that be their own label of gourmets, beer, or wine.

And, he’s big on service.  He’ll work with you to layout your goals, explain the possible options, and share his advice of the best ways to represent your products with the highest perceived value.  May it be for the Holidays season, or all year sales.

He is your local certified gift designer who can provide you with fast, expert service.  He is here to become a strategic partner with you and of course, we want to try your product too!